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60 Best Father's Day Gifts For the Coolest Dad Around

He raised you, didn’t he?

cool fathers gifts

We all know a thing or two about dad. He might occasionally let some awkward dad jokes slip out, wear the occasional cringe-inducing T-shirt, or waste time muttering aloud to himself about the state of the world while scrolling through Apple News. But deep down, you know he’s a cool dad with great taste who's probably ushered you into a life of drinking nice whiskey, handling nifty gadgets, or stocking up on luxury accessories. Hence, every year, you always come up short in unique Father’s Day gift ideas to get dad's approving nod. But we have the tools right here to help you finally switch things up this Father's Day.

The trick is to get him a gift that's equally as cool as it is thoughtful,—i.e., an equally nice whiskey, an equally nifty gadget, or an equally luxury accessory that he’s schooled you in the art of. Here, we’ve rounded up the 60 best Father’s Day gifts for every kind of dad so you can get that smile from him this time around. You deserve it.

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Best Splurge Gift for dad
Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak
Holy Grail Steak

Prices vary

Holy Grail features a range of unsettling good hunks of Wagyu steak. So, yes, we feel confident your dad will really like a filet mignon, a ribcap, or whatever other cut you choose for him.

Best Gift Card for dad
Luxury Watch Subscription Gift Card
Watch Gang

New luxury timepieces delivered to him every month or season will make a dapper dad dapper-er. Each one will be a surprise, and one might just be a Rolex or TAG Heuer, courtesy of Watch Gang.

Best gift for dads who need good sleep
Cooling Weighted Blanket
Now 25% off

Because his nighttime shouldn't involve waking up sweaty and grumpy at 3 a.m., and because a weighted blanket that cools and mitigates stress will do better than pricey melatonin gummies.

Most Useful Gift for dad
Oblio Wireless Charging Station & Sanitizer
Now 25% off

This is a double whammy of a techie gift: It wirelessly charges smart phones, just as it cleans the invisible germs off of them with a UV light.

Best Subscription Gift for dad
Craft Beer Club Subscription
Craft Beer Club

When your dad's the type to always have a favorite beer of the week—and likely in a style you've never heard of—then a monthly club like this is tailor-made for his beer fridge.

Best Last-Minute Gift for dads
Masterclass Annual Membership

His schedule for the next several month: July—learn scientific thinking from Neil deGrasse Tyson; August—learn tennis from Serena Williams; September—learn scoring from Stephen Curry; October—learn winning from Lewis Hamilton.

A novelty but useful gift for dad
Mountain Decanter
Whiskey Peaks

It's as close to "climbing the Himalayas then taking a sip from a beaten flask at the peak" as it'll ever get for dad. (Most likely.)

Best gift for classic dads
Deluxe Lunch Cooler Bag

A dad who packs his lunch is a dad who's healthy and fiscally responsible. That's cool. Carhartt makes gear that looks great while still being durable, and this lunchbox is no exception.

Best gift for dads who smoke
Hemp CBD Pre Rolled Joints (Pack of 10)
Dad Grass

They're worthy of a dad who's always been pretty chill about THC, and doesn't mind discovering the morphine-like magic of CBD first hand.

Best gift for fixer-upper dads
Magnetic Tool Wristband

Save him at least 10 minutes of digging through his mound of tools in the garage, swearing up a storm as he tries to unroot the exact right socket wrench, with this neat invention.

Best Beer Gift for dad
uKeg Go Carbonated Growler


Should he want to take ice-cold, freshly carbonated beer with him to a picnic, campsite, or even just the backyard, GrowlerWerks' portable keg is the way to do it. Here's hoping he shares it around.

For the dad with a spa time
Hooded Waffle Robe

With a soft waffle weave texture that'll soak up water like sponge, dad won't even bother to wipe himself off after stepping out the shower.

Best Sports Gift for dad
Baseball Stadium Blueprints
Uncommon Goods

Really, after all the tickets he's bought and beers he's drunk in the bleachers, they should just name the damn ballpark after him. But a framed blueprint of his favorite team's field is almost as good.

Best Budget Gift for dad
'What I Love about Dad' Fill in the Love Book
Knock Knock

Dad doesn't like all those gushy and sentimental gestures, unless they come from you.

Best wellness gift for dads
Shiatsu Foot Massager
Now 35% off

You know what dad's missing? Something high-tech and wellness-oriented. Something that'll really loosen him up while all he has to do is sit back and enjoy. And something that's a godsend to his tired feet.

Best Gift for BBQ Dads
Meater+ Wireless Thermometer

There's regular grilling, and then there's smart grilling. Get this gadget for the dad who wields his barbecue tools with confidence.

Best whiskey for dads
1884 Small Batch Whiskey
Uncle Nearest

$51 at reserve bar

An old-fashioned is great or whatever, but drinking whiskey straight—especially an award-winning one that honors the untold history of Tennessee whiskey—sounds much more sublime. And Drizly does same-day delivery so dad can sip it ASAP.

Best outerwear Style flex for dads
Flannel-lined Waxed Trucker Jacket
Flint and Tinder

A rugged denim staple for him. He can dress it up for a night out or dress it down for a laid-back kind of Sunday. But the best part is, it'll get better with age—just like dad.

Best Gift for Dads who drink
Freezable Whiskey Glasses (Set of 2)
Now 25% off

For dads who like to savor a cold pour until the last drop, these freezable glassware will keep their whiskey or cocktail or even beer chilled until the end. Just like god intended them to be drunk.

Best gift for dads who love pizzas
Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven

If there's one thing dad doesn't realize he needs in his backyard, it's this outdoor pizza oven. Not only is it surprisingly mobile—dad can move it indoors to cook pizzas by his bed if that's his jam, even—it'll cook them in just one minute.

Best Gift for New Dads
Pluto Pillow

This isn't just any old pillow. It's a pillow that's built to perfectly suit dad's sleeping preferences, from height to length to cushioning. Get him set up for many nights of restful sleep to come.

Best Golf Gift for dads
Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green

Dad will do anything to up his game on the course, including taking a few swings at home or in the office. And this putting green's automatic ball return seals the deal.

Best Gift for Techy Dads
HS110D FPV RC Drone
Holy Stone

$80 at walmart

For the techy dad, this drone from Holy Stone has an altitude-hold function for stable hovers, 3D flips and rolls, and a 1080p camera. Even if you didn’t understand most of that, dad will appreciate it.

Best gift for the carnivore dads
Quarterly Craft Jerky Subscription
Righteous Felon

Counter dad's cool with a quarterly delivery of beef jerky to keep his taste buds aflame.

An Esquire Gadget Award Winner
MagicGrip Wireless Charging Phone Mount for Car

For the dads who spend as much time driving as on their phone, something that'll automatically grip their device and wirelessly charge it makes for a seamless ride.

Best gift box for dads
Issue Four
Bespoke Post x Esquire

What can we say? We've had the coolest style advice accompanied by history-making storytelling on tap for decades, and this box of men's accessories, curated with our friends at Bespoke Post, is one Father's Day gift we shamelessly self-promote.

Best accessory for dads
Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip
Ridge Wallet

$95 at nordstrom

Not only can dad ditch his overstuffed wallet, he can ditch the wallet completely. This aluminum card carrier holds up to 12 cards and plenty of cash, though you'd hardly be able to tell. It's minimal and dead useful, just like he appreciates.

Best Gift for Dads who Drive
Dash Cam Mini 2
Now 15% off

If he has a cool ride—or even just a ride that only he thinks is cool—a dash cam will help it stay that way by always keeping an eye out and automatically recording any incidents.

Best Tech Gift for dads
Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

$150 at williams sonoma

$150 at bloomingdale's

Cold Coffee? In this economy? Don't make dad laugh. Ember's smart mug will keep his hot beverage heated at a sensible 2oo degrees all day so dad can let out that perfect ahhhh after every sip.

best gift for dads with some secrets
GO Plus Biometric Safe

Because dad's got secrets too. And should he needs to hide away some cash, pills, or a vintage Rolex from prying hands, Trova's biometric safe with an unassuming look will do better than a bodyguard.

Best Grooming Gift for dads
Gillette Heated Razor

Get dad the latest razor tech: Gillette's self-heating razor, which mimics the experience of a nice hot towel shave. It'll go great with a can of soothing shaving cream.

For the dad with apple watch 7
Metal Apple Watch Strap

If he's already got latest Apple Watch, consider setting him up with a band that wears better at events and nights out than the sportier silicone option.

Best summer style flex for dads
The Churchill Seersucker Shirt
Line of Trade

Seersucker cotton can lend an instant turnaround to his "tacky dad" status. Coupled that with Line of Trade's tailored cut, he's got a new summer staple.

Best skincare gifts for dad
Buttah Body Trio
Buttah Skin

$70 at nordstrom

Dad might roll his eyes all the way to the back of his skull when you hand him this collection of soap and wash. Let him. Then gently remind him that the contents of this kit will make him look a little less tired and feel a little more youthful.

Best gift for dad with a celebrity crush
Framed Celebrity Prints
Sonic Editions

Some of the greatest American icons for some of the greatest dads of all time to show off in his home office. And there's no way Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra, or Johnny Cash is not a dad icon.

Most Unique Gift for dads
60-Second Egg on a Bagel Maker
Maggy Ames

He's dreamed of making the perfect egg for his breakfast bagel sandwich without making a mess every morning. Little does he know, all he needs is this microwavable ceramic dish.

best outdoorsman gift for dads
Compact Camp Chair

For the dad who needs a camp chair, a beach chair, a patio chair, a parking chair—any chair—really, Wren's compact, comfy-to-sit-in chair can do it all for him.

Best style upgrade for dads
Alpha Brief Pack

For a dad who loves a good grown-ass backpack—and who might need some extra encouragement to ditch the raggedy, uncool JanSport—Tumi's sleek Alpha Brief backpack is one he can rock on the go, to the office or the wild, courtesy of the many pockets and a waterproof build.

For the dad with effortless style
Riviera Sweater Polo
Todd Snyder

This here is what you'd call the ultimate dad polo: Timeless like him, effortlessly laid-back, dapper enough for the green course or the office, and very Tom Ripley to boot.

best gift for outdoorsy dads
Smokeless Wood & Charcoal Burning FirePit+

$300 at amazon

For the adventurous dad who likes to sit next to a burning fire as he takes in the night then whisk it to a portable hibachi style grill, get him this high-efficiency smokeless fire pit he can bring along with him.

Best gift for dads who drink from cans
The Draft Top 3.0 Can Opener
Draft Top

He'll grip, and twist, then watch the suds hiss out of his canned beverage. And his lips will be safe from cuts—the opener also crimps the edge.

Best gift for liquor dads
Clase Azul Reposado
Clase Azul Tequila

$170 at drizly

$160 at total wine

From the very first sip, dad will be overcome with epiphany—that Clase Azul Reposado is probably the tastiest and smoothest tequila he's ever had. He'll only want to drink it straight to relish the unique subtle sweetness, or on the rocks for a sipping time like never before.

BEst sneakers for dads
Airmaster Low-Top Sneakers
Dolce & Gabbana

Dad did in fact invent—then herald in—the ugly sneakers trend. You have him to thank for the chunky cleat you're wearing right now. Hence, to give back, Dolce & Gabbana's Airmaster Low-Top is the ultimate luxury upgrade to his '90s New Balance—just look at them.

Best gift for WFH dads
Career Growth & Office Decor Subscription Box
Work • Space • Spark

Dad's probably feeling in a rut after working from home for a few years now. This subscription box of office essentials and career tools might help change things up.

Best Luxury Gift for dads
Connected Calibre E4 Smartwatch
TAG Heuer

$2000 at Tag Heuer

There isn't a dad alive who wouldn't appreciate a TAG Heuer on Father's Day—or any day, especially one that comes in a Swiss mechanical build with a smartwatch brain to keep him on track with fitness goals.

Best gift for cool gagdet dads
PureVis™ Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle


Larq bottles use UV rays to keep the bacteria out of dad's water bottle. This bottle is well-insulated, sleek in design, and even has an Adventure Mode that kicks the sanitizing into high gear.

Best gift for caffeinated dads
Hot Sauce for Coffee

two for $28 at Huckberry

Spicing up his cup of joe might sound wild, but we promise, it's just a little kick of cinnamon or ginger. Won't do no harm.

Best Stylish Gift for dads
Origina Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

$163 at amazon

These are timeless Cool Guy sunglasses that'll make him feel like a real movie star or red carpet celebrity. Ray-Ban knows how to make a simple frame look great.

Best gift for dads with a breakfast game
Cast Iron Stuffed Waffle Maker

It's the most ingenious way of making breakfast—waffles stuffed with bacon and eggs, or cheese and tomato, or jam and berries, or marshmallows and crackers... Dad'll really explore.

best summer shorts for dads
Flex Pro Jersey Tulum Trunks
Good Man Brand

An exceptional pair of casual-but-not-overly-athletic shorts is the bedrock of every cool guy summer wardrobe. Russell Wilson's Good Man Brand has an unbeatable option that'll give last him season after season.

Best Fitness Gift for dads
Theragun Mini

$199 at amazon

Theragun's new, compact-sized device will help dad recover from soreness and injury. It's like a deep tissue massage he won't have to wait or pay for.

Best Gift for Chef Dads
Musui-Kamado Induction Cast Iron Pot

Induction cooking? That's modern. Cast iron? That's old-school. Putting them together? That's efficiency—of precise heating and temp control—and versatility. Dad won't wait to use it as a roaster, cooker, or sous vide.

Best personalized gift for dads
Personalised Leather Cufflinks

Heed these words: he can't attend any formal black-tie event without a pair of special cufflinks.

Best Gift for Bald Dads
The Daily Routine Set

Bald dads deserve some love in the department of grooming too. MANTL—a brand specifically for bald men—has a set of SPF, blotting papers, and anti-aging moisturizer will help him bald graciously.

Best gift for fit dads
Fit Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

These will change the music- and podcast-listening game at the gym. But Dad will wear these wireless headphones everywhere, all the time, long after the workout is done.

Best fragrance for dads
Oud Wood Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford

$163 at sephora

This here is a cool guy scent for cool guy dads who are in the know about such things. It's woody and clean—something he'll appreciate this summer.

Best cocktail gift for dads
Luxe Spirits Instant Cocktail Sugar Cube Set

His weekend Moscow mule, old-fashioned, or Manhattan can be made easier. Just drop one of these sugars into his choice of booze and serve.

Best gift for vinyl collecting dads
Get Together Portable Bluetooth Speaker
House of Marley
Now 15% off

He'll want speakers that sound exceptional and look gorgeous to boot. These, from the Marley family, fit that description to a T. And they're made sustainably.

Best gift for dads with a green thumb
Pet Friendly Plant Subscription
The Sill

After having a stripped-down home office for months-on-end, dad's probably ready to add some decorative green here and there. And The Sill offers pet-friendly plants as well for any dad who also has a furry friend.

Best Wine Gift for dads
Natural Wines Gift Box
Dry Farm Wines

If he cares about the contents of his wine fridge and what he’s putting into his body, Dry Farm Wines offers the largest selection of natural wines from small farms around the world. Ship him a box of hand-picked selects or set up a recurring subscription.

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