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45 Cheap Father's Day Gifts for $50 or Less

With dad, it's the thought—and not the outpouring of cash—that really counts.

father's day gifts

Dad, he’s raised you, sheltered you from bullies and helped you handle life's curveballs. And he's done it all without spending any money (basically) on himself—and he's perfectly okay with keeping it that way. Hence, whenever you try to spend any amount of cash on him as a gift, it more often than not backfires because he thinks you're wasting your cash. What’s up with that?

Honestly, no one has the answer. Maybe it’s just dad, or maybe it’s the gift. Dad is known to be belligerently allergic to any big ticket item that he’ll just stash away in the safe. Which is why you should consider something unique and special that he'll actually groove on instead, so when he chides you again for spending too much on him, you can insist that "it’s really nothing" with a straight face, this time truthfully. We've garnered 45 cheap Father's Day gifts for dad, who lives by the sacredness of "it's the thought that counts."

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Best gift card for dad
Luxury Watch Subscription Gift Card
Watch Gang

He might get surprised with a Rolex or TAG Heuer among the slew of Timex, Seiko, and Skagen he receives. A good way to test his luck.

Best tech gift for dad
5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Hey, it’s hard to keep all the wires and chargers straight when there’s so much technology. Get him this handy little stand that gets it all done in one place.

Best gift for dad who drives
Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount

The days of your dad scrambling to find his phone in between the crevices of his car seats are finally over.

Best gift for dad who drinks
Freezable Glasses
Now 25% off

Because the only way to drink spirits is gulping it down cold, and these ingenious glasses can keep them chilled for hours.

Best bbq gift for dad
Non-Stick BBQ Grill Mat

Durable enough for 600 degrees and 1000 uses per side, for the dad who doesn't hold back at BBQ-ing.

Best coffee gift for dad
Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Now 15% off

Gift him the simple pleasure of daily iced coffee without breaking the bank.

Best summer essential for dad
Cooling Bucket Hat
Now 21% off

Not his regular dad hat, but it's definitely an upgrade: It protects him from the sun, and even cools when wet.

Best comfort gift for dad
Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper
Now 27% off

There's walking and then there's walking on air, courtesy of these.

Most practical gift for dad
14oz Vacuum Insulated Rambler

If it can keep dad's beverage of choice hot or cold for hours, it's worth it.

Best gift for WFH dad
MLB Stadium Illustration Poster
Seth and Maddy Lucas

In case his home office setup could use a little sprucing up.

Stainless Steel Mug
Now 10% off

He needs his coffee, and he needs it hot.

The Draft Top 3.0
Draft Top

Because drinking with a small opening is stupid, this gadget takes care of that.

Best beer gift for dad
Craft Beer Club Subscription
Craft Beer Club

Expand his suds palate from lager and Coors, to choices from independent breweries every month.

Best style flex for dad
Weekenders Polarized Sunglasses

For the dad with a classic style, and for his many sunlit weekends ahead. (Extra kudos to the clear frame.)

Coffee Blend Box
Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle does coffee so well that once dad starts drinking its blends, it'll be hard for him to drink anything else. This set comes with three flavors so he's bound to find at least one he loves.

Quilted Minky Weighted Blanket Cover
Amazon Basics

If dad is a light sleeper, a cooling weighted blanket could be just the thing he needs.

Clip 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Now 20% off

We're not saying he'll clip this speaker on his backpack every time he heads out to just about anywhere—backcountry, golf course, supermarket—but we are saying the odds are pretty high.

Best style accessory for dad
South Street Sport Quartz Analog Watch
Now 30% off

Quintessential timepiece that looks a million bucks. Except not! What could possibly go wrong?

Best gift for fit dad
Push-Up Elite
Perfect Fitness

If your dad's eager to stay in shape but nervous about tweaking a sore muscle, Perfect Fitness' push-up handles help him nail the form without putting undue pressure on any body part.

Cast Iron Bacon Press

Dad needs more than just a pan and spatula to cook his breakfast bacon—or steaks, or paninis—to perfect crispness and evenness.

Uplift 2 Wired Headphones with a Microphone
House of Marley

Wired, because dad doesn't have time to futz around with losable wireless buds. House of Marley, because all of his tech should be stylish and sustainable.

best grooming gift for dad
Safety Razor for Men

Give dad an old school lather-and-shave, but upgrade it with a sleek look and double-edge razor blades design.

Heavy Weight Pocket Tee
Flint and Tinder

Durable, breathable, comfortable, here's a tee for dad that just works.

best gift for chef dad
The Knife Sharpener

$15 at Material

May his knives be ever sharp.

Black Tie Box Gift Set
Tie Bar

If dad's the type to struggle with nailing the details when it comes to dressing up, gift him a set that does all the work for him.

Beer Cap States
Uncommon Goods

Just make sure it's from his home state.

Anxiety Self-Care Box
The Mental Wealth Box

Dad might not know much about mental health—hell, he might've never cared. Time to change that, with four to six self-care and mental health items delivered to him every month, from books to games to wellness goods.

Etched Whiskey Tumbler Candle
Wax Buffalo

A high-quality, hand-poured soy wax candle will help him unwind. Plus, after it's burned, it makes a great whiskey glass. We know he doesn't like to waste things.

Hot Sauce Flask Set
Hoff & Pepper

One up his Frank’s with these delicious, small-batch hot sauces.

Personal Blender
Magic Bullet
Now 16% off

If dad wants a snack with minimal effort, give him the blender that makes cheffing up a smoothie as easy as one press of a button.

Beard Grooming Kit
Jack Black

For bearded fathers—level up their grooming game.

3-Color Bundle Sock Snaps
Socks Snaps

In case dad keeps losing socks to the washer and dryer, or just hates sorting and matching before tossing them to the drawer.

4-Pack Round Merino Wool Coasters
Goodee x Graf Lantz

Merino wool coasters? That's some classy decor for a classy guy.

Handcrafted Mini Nut Butter Sampler
Big Spoon Roasters

We cannot express enough how much these speciality nut butters elevate any PB&J.

Jalapeno Tequila

It’s almost margarita season, and this smooth jalapeño tequila from Tanteo is the perfect spicy companion for his Cointreau.

Musk Eau de Toilette Spray

Gifting a fragrance is only a cliche if the fragrance involved isn't as good as this one. If your dad isn't the signature scent type of guy he soon will be.

Esquire Magazine Subscription
Hearst Magazines

Warning: shameless self-promotion ahead. Gift your dad a subscription to a little old men's magazine called Esquire, and you'll give him a way to pass the time during lockdown.

Cufflinks, Inc. Onyx Cuff Links in Black at Nordstrom
Cufflinks, Inc.

Gift pops a pair of cuff links in a not-so-subtle black for when he needs to suit up in style.

Mulberry Silk Eyemask

For the man on the move—or the new dad getting in naps when he can—a silky sleep mask makes nodding off easier than ever.

18-Piece Luxe Spirits Instant Cocktail Sugar Cube Set

Elevate—read: make easy—his home mixology game with some sugars made for his plating in Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, or Manhattan. Then show up for a drink.

Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder
Now 38% off

Pair this bad boy with some coffee beans.

Chapter Travel Kit

Finally, a chance to kick dad's poor packing habits to the curb.

Original Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife

If pops still opens boxes with an old pen, it's time to get him a more functional alternative.

Triple Layer Premium Face Mask - Pack of 3
Sock Fancy

For the dad who cares for himself as much as he cares for people around him, even strangers.

Collagen Peptides
Vital Proteins

Gift the dad giving it his all to stay in fighting shape a supplement that'll keep him there.

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