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15 Fail-Proof Amazon Prime Day Gifts Now on Sale

'Tis the season for shopping gifts on major sale, courtesy of Amazon.

prime day gifts

Was it Shakespeare or us who said that: “When Amazon Prime Day comes, shop 'til you drop.” How poetic. The line perfectly sums up the dystopian caved-into-Lex-Luthor-looking-billionaire society we’ve become. But screw anyone who’s trying to stop us from having a little bit of consumerist fun. What? We like to shop, especially when stuff is on sale. Now that Amazon has officially announced the dates for Prime Day 2022 (July 12 and July 13), to quote Starship—gotta love some oldies—nothing's gonna stop us now.


And since Prime Day is the jack-of-all-trades of online savings, don’t just call it a day after scoring Prime Day deals on tech, home, Apple, sneakers, menswear, etc. Shop some discounted gifts on Amazon too so you can get those birthdays, anniversaries, and milestone occasions out of the way—shipping deadline be damned. In fact, Amazon’s Prime Day section is filled to the brim with gift ideas for home upgrades, tech upgrades, style upgrades, and many are already on covetable sale. Unfathomable? No, just Amazon things. And we’ve picked 15 fail-proof gifts from Amazon’s early Prime Day section—all on sale now—to save you some time.

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Best Prime Day home Gift
2-in-1 Humidifier and Diffuser
Now 32% off

For anyone who doesn't have the vernacular for a humidifier and diffuser, but is more than willing to make do with this ingenious crossbreed to breather easier, and maybe get their hands on aromatherapy, just because.

Best sentimental gift
Mini Shot 3 Retro 2-in-1 Portable Wireless Instant Camera

$164.99 (9% off)

For the capture-the-moment folks, it gives them the option to hand select their prints, so they won't waste any printing sheets. Plus, it can print straight from a phone.

Best prime day gift for drinkers
Double-Walled Whisky Glasses (Set of 2)
Now 25% off

There's still some substance here behind this looking-cool-as-hell glassware, like how it'll aerate liquor and chill it for each sip. A win-win for any drinker.

Best prime day accessory gift
Archive Series Lunar Pilot Chronograph
Now 38% off

Astronaut Dave Scott wore a similar chronograph design to walk on the moon in 1971 during the Apollo 15 mission. And Bulova managed to turn it into an underrated functional timepiece worth the hype from the horologist in your life.

best Prime Day apple gift
AirPods Pro
Now 30% off

All of Apple's AirPods are already on sale for Prime Day. The AirPods Pro, by dint of its impeccable noise cancelling, spatial audio, and custom fit for comfort, is one that we swear by will prove worthy of an upgrade, especially at this lower-than-ever price.

Best gift for wife, girlfriend, mom, etc.
Original 1.0 One-Step Volumizer
Now 32% off

So she'll stop getting worked up about not having centerfold-ready hair day and instead get a smooth salon-level blowout herself for a change, courtesy of this styler-dryer-volumizer with a bona fide "it went viral" badge.

Best prime day tech gift
Alto Smart Frames
Now 25% off

In the latest foray of wearable tech, here's Bose's smart glasses that'll round out the Matrix look while blasting open-ear audio—a feat that not even Neo or Trinity gets to enjoy.

Best gift for husband, dad, boyfriend, etc.
Weighted Blanket
Now 45% off

This blanket's pleasing hugs to the body make going into REM sleep easier, and its breathability makes the rest of the night sweat-free and calm, giving that "I haven't slept this good since honeymoon" vibe.

Best vacuum gift
Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum
Now 24% off

Who hasn't dreamed of sitting on a sofa, eating chips, and ordering a robot around as it cleans every room in their home?

Best prime day pillow gift
TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow
Now 44% off

Memory foam cooling gel might just be the hidden message in U2's 2014 sleeper-hit "Sleep Like a Baby Tonight".

Most stylish prime Day gift
Classic Aviator Sunglasses
Now 20% off

Because Aviator is in again thanks to Top Gun: Maverick, but truthfully, when has it ever left?

Best gift for the home chef
Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer Oven Combo
Instant Pot
Now 19% off

God probably invented air fryer on the 8th day just so we can fry, broil, or even roast to the intended crisp and tender sans 95 percent of bad oil.

Best prime day sneaker gift
Soft Classic Sneaker
Now 17% off

This pair of dress sneakers is a mix of athletic comfort delivered with fine cognac leather. He'll strike out in the city in them before heading to a cocktail party... still in them.

Best grooming gift
Rechargeable Heated Razor
Now 23% off

It'll restore their faith in the electric razor after giving them a hot-towel barber shave at home.

Best gift for the music lover
8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center
Now 33% off

This vinyl player plus speaker plus FM radio is primed for slow-waltzing to "Unchained Melody," or losing oneself in the four-on-the-floor beats of "Butter," or medicating to Hans Zimmer's "Time".

What and When Is Amazon Prime Day?
prime day gifts

In 2015, Amazon turned 20-year-old, and the first Prime Day—an annual shopping and savings event on the site—was launched in celebration. Every year thereafter, it's become a bigger-than-Black-Friday shopping holiday for the retailer, boasting discounts across all product categories. Gifts included.

Though Prime Day takes place on different times every year, Amazon did keep us in the loop by announcing that Prime Day 2022 will happen on Tuesday, July 12 and Wednesday, July 13. And it's set to include some of the best Prime Day deals ever. Maybe 2022 isn't so bad after all.

How to Sign Up for Prime Day 2022?
prime day gifts

Since only Amazon Prime members are eligible to snag Prime Day savings, be sure to sign up and become a Prime member first before all else. The fee is $14.99 per month after a 30-day trial.

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