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Esquire is a remarkable brand with a remarkable history. When Arnold Gingrich debuted the first issue eighty-nine years ago, he said he wanted it to be all things to all men. "This is difficult to accomplish, all at a crack," he admitted in his first Letter from the Editor, but in time Esquire established itself as an American fashion force and a home of legendary, culture-defining acts of storytelling. A tonic to the woes of the world, as he would later describe the publication, in the February 1942 edition, just months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Over nine decades, Esquire has built on this heritage, as then-Edior-in-Chief Terry McDonell wrote in 1993, "with the understanding that although there is a lot more to a man than what he wears, dressing well and looking good can make a significant difference in his life." That remains true to this day.

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Why Us?


What we publish at Esquire isn't just fun (or funny, or gripping, or uplifting, or shocking, or enlightening...), it's also thoroughly edited and fact-checked for accuracy, clarity, and fairness. And where we don't know the answer, we seek out qualified experts to clue us in.

Affiliate Disclosure

Yep, we participate in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid a commission when you buy something recommended on our site. However, anything that runs on Esquire is thoroughly vetted by our editors. We only recommend products that we, the editors, truly stand behind. The merchandise we feature on our site is always driven by editorial standards, not by affiliate deals or advertising relationships.


We take our trusted relationship with our readers seriously, and therefore maintain a strict privacy policy.

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Email us! We're at Or Tweet us. DM us on Instagram. TikTok? We're on it. If you have a question about something you read or your subscription, hit us wherever makes sense for you. (If you're interested in subscribing or signing up for our daily newsletter, follow those links.)

Meet the Editorial Team


Michael Sebastian_Editor in Chief

Nick Sullivan_Creative Director

Abigail Greene_Executive Managing Editor

Rockwell Harwood_Design Director

John Kenney_Managing Editor

Kelly Stout_Articles Director

Kevin Sintumuang_Culture and Lifestyle Director

Jonathan Evans_Style Director

Randi Peck_Executive Director of Talent

Madison Vain_Digital Director

Eric Sullivan_Senior Editor

Darryl Robertson_Senior Culture Editor

Jack Holmes_Senior Writer

Adrienne Westenfeld, Brady Langmann_Assistant Editors

Barry Samaha_Style Commerce Editor

Maverick Li_Assistant E-commerce Editor

Garrett Munce_Grooming Editor

Lauren Kranc_Assistant Editor


Dragos Lemnei_Deputy Design Director

Mike Kim_Digital Design Director

Cameron Sherrill_Lead Motion Designer

Rebecca Iovan_Digital Imaging Specialist


Ted Stafford_Market Director

Alfonso Fernández Navas_Market Editor

Rashad Minnick_Fashion Associate

Hearst Visual Group

Alix Campbell_Chief Visual Content Director, Hearst Magazines

Justin O’Neill_Visual Director

James Morris_Contributing Visual Director

Kelly Sherin_Visual Editor

Sameet Sharma_Associate Visual Producer

Giancarlos Kunhardt_Visual Production Coordinator

Hearst Video Group

Dorenna Newton_Executive Video Producer

Elyssa Aquino_Video Producer


Alisa Cohen Barney_Senior Copy Editor

Connor Sears, David Fairhurst_Assistant Copy Editors


Robert Scheffler_Research Chief

Kevin McDonnell_Senior Research Editor

Editors at Large

Dave Holmes, Daniel Dumas

Writers at Large

Charles P. Pierce, Kate Storey

Contributing Writer

Mitchell S. Jackson

Contributing editors

Alex Belth, Ben Boskovich, Jeff Gordinier, A.J. Jacobs,
John J. Lennon
, Mike Sager, Abigail Covington

Other Contributors

Hitomi Sato_Contributing Art Director

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